About Our Practice

We understand that your choice of an orthodontist is an important one. Below are just a few reasons why our practice is unique and why we are your best choice for orthodontic care in Wilmington, North Carolina:

  • We use self-ligating braces. (In-Ovation® R, In-Ovation® Clear and Damon® Braces)
  • 95% of the time no spacers or bands are used on the back teeth; instead, we bond the braces on the back teeth. This approach is much more comfortable than using spacers.
  • 99% of the time we do not use headgear.
  • We use Innovative braces that reduce treatment time.
  • We are very dedicated to taking patients back on time as well as leaving on time.
  • Parents are always welcome in the treatment area.
  • We provide incentives to patients for cooperation.
  • Contests are done monthly with prizes given!
  • Our staff is always accessible after hours for emergency visits.
  • We always hold an annual "Patient Appreciation" Event with prizes!


Our mission is to provide consistent, high quality, patient-centered care in a friendly and professional atmosphere. We believe our dedication to exceptional care and service, with a genuine interest in patient satisfaction, will make a positive difference in our patients' lives.

Dr. Phillips provides excellent orthodontic care characterized by:

  • Using efficient and effective techniques and materials
  • Keeping up to date with advances in orthodontics and dentistry by attending continuing education courses each year
  • Implementing state-of-the-art technology
  • Convenient office hours for appointments
  • Active patient participation in treatment
  • Completing treatment on time
  • Achieving excellent results